News from 01.01.2016

Now therefore! It is time to submit a plan of activities for 2016!
(meeting of motorcycle clubs and motoorganizations of Karelia 22.11.2015)

Night Riders MC / Severo - Zapadnie Pauki MC (Northwest spiders MC) / Serdse Plamenniy Motor (Heart flaming engine) / Valhalla MCC / "Vector Dvizheniya" / Moto Lady
(In brackets the initiator)
1. Alexanders shaft "Vector Dvizheniya" (February)
2. May 9th. Traditional memorable run. Presumably in Kondopoga, considering options. (Night Riders MC).
3. May 14th. Action "Moto safety". (It may be the instructor of the Saint - Petersburg).
4. May 21th. The official opening of moto season in Karelia. (Night Riders MC)
5. May 28th. Birthday of Serdse Plamenniy Motor (Heart flaming engine). (Kostomuksha)
6. June 4th. Donor Day. (Night Riders MC).
7. June 8th. Karelia Republic Day (Kostomuksha). Discuss participation. (Night Riders MC).

8. June 11th - 13th. Nimble Squirrel. (Lotos Plaza) ("Vector Dvizheniya").
9. July 15th - 17th. 10th Annual International Bike - Festival "Rock '&' Road" (Girvas) (Night Riders MC).

10. August 20th. Parade of moto brides. (Moto Lady).
11. September 1st. Day of Moto knowledge. (Moto Lady).
12. September 24th / October 1st. Closing of season. (Night Riders MC)
13. October 29th. Halloween. (Night Riders MC).
Events outside of Karelia. For information.
1. February 20th. Unimoto. Murmansk (Severniy Orden MC (North Order MC).
2. April 15th - 17th. IMIS (St. Petersburg).
As usual, the list can be replenished and changed. Accepted proposals.