Action on 31.10.2014

HA-HA-HA!!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN or festival on the eve of All Saints Day from Crazy Bar "PEOPLE" with motor club Night Riders MC Karelia!

In the style of "sin City" ("Sin City")

Due to numerous requests once again, opening his dark door, mentally take ALL the GUESTS to their awful cozy embrace the Crazy Bar "PEOPLE"!

Halloween (eng. Halloween, All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve) is a modern holiday dates back to the traditions of the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland, whose history began in the territory of modern Britain and Northern Ireland. Celebrated on October 31, the eve of all saints Day. The end of XX century, during the process of Americanization and globalization, the fashion for Halloween decorations appeared also in most non-English speaking countries of Europe and in the CIS. Halloween informal noted in some other countries with close cultural ties with the US or the UK, most recently in Russia and other CIS countries.

Most of the symbols of the holiday have a long history. For example, the tradition of making Jack-o-lamps went from Celtic custom to create lights that help the souls find a way to purgatory.

This time the party will be held in the style of "Sin City" ("Sin City")!

The beginning of a hellish fun planned for exactly TWO hours before midnight!

You will meet a TERRIBLE BEAUTY at the bar, as well as DARK NYMPHS of the underworld!

The foam of the river will be available to You only from 100 - 150 magic RUB!

Damn vampires, the undead, vampires and other evil spirits of the questions on the entry will not occur.
The rest of the mortals will be doomed to give 200 gold watch for every mortal!

Location: Petrozavodsk, etc. May day, 2 Crazy Bar "PEOPLE"

Start: October 31, 2014 at 22:00

For those who are in themed costumes - free entry.

The rest - 200 rubles per person.

Foamy drinks from 100 to 150 rubles per glass.
Web site:
Location:Crazy Bar "PEOPLE", first Avenue, 2
Beginning:31 October at 22:00
Ending:November 1, at 6:00